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As primary care doctors we have seen many patients who struggle with their weight and overall health. Most have tried many diet programs with some short term success. But we now know that weight loss is much more than a diet. What you eat, your activity, sleep, social connections  and mental health are all important factors that can affect your weight.  At Emerald we do not follow any one size fits all plan. Instead, Drs. Babak and Megan Moini meet with each person and find out about their individual struggles, limitations and goals. Our aim is to educate you on healthy habits and empower you with the tools you need so you can lose the weight naturally and permanently. No supplements, restrictive diet plans or one  size fit all plan. We focus on:

  • Individualized plans based on your goals

  • Easy food recipes to help you start

  • Exercise regiments to help you reap the benefit for your limited time

  • Medical therapy if indicated

  • And most importantly: educational material so you learn for once and all how to be healthy

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