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Frequently Asked Questions

X-Ray Results

Does it matter what type of health insurance I have?

No. We can work with any insurance, from private insurance to Medicare for labs, imaging, medications, and referrals to specialists. Emerald DPC will never bill your insurance or charge you for co-pays or deductibles. Please note the monthly membership fee cannot be paid by insurance, though HSA or FSA cards are accepted for payment.

My specialist is at a particular health system. Will Emerald DPC work with that hospital system?

Yes. The beauty of being independent is that Dr. Moini and Rachel Peterson can coordinate care across health systems, and recommend the best specialists in town, regardless of where they work. Your provider will review your records and talk with your specialists as needed.

I don't have health insurance right now. Can I still see Dr. Moini or Rachel Peterson at Emerald Direct Primary Care?

Absolutely! Direct primary care is ideal for uninsured patients, as you have comprehensive primary care that can manage 90% of health issues without fear of unclear prices. Since all care is included in the monthly membership fee, there will be no surprise bills in the mail. We can also help you save money on labs, medications, and imaging when needed. 


Can I use an HSA or FSA card for payment?

Yes - both HSA and FSA cards are accepted. You can also opt to pay from your checking account or personal credit card and arrange for your HSA/FSA account to reimburse you directly. 

Is there a fee to join?

No, there is no enrollment fee. The initial visit fee is $150 for each individual, with a maximum of $400 per family, which includes the initial visit and the first month of care. 


What if I want to cancel my membership?

You can cancel at any time. Just notify the office and no further monthly fees will be billed to you, and you will continue to receive care through the end of the current month.

I go to the doctor infrequently. Will I still benefit from joining Emerald Direct Primary Care?

Yes. By getting to know your doctor when you're healthy, you have time to focus on preventative screening, and enact healthy lifestyle changes to keep you healthy and avoid health problems you may be predisposed to based on family history. If you get sick or develop a chronic condition requiring more care, you already have a doctor you trust, that knows you well, and can be your partner in managing your health problems. A great primary care doctor can take care of you and your family throughout the course of your lives.

Do you make house calls?

Yes, when needed. These are typically limited to a 10 mile radius of the office, and are at Dr. Moini's discretion. 

Do you draw blood in the office? 

Yes! These are available at discounted rates. We can also bill your insurance directly for your labwork. (Our prices are so low that most people opt to pay the discounted cash rate.) Other testing such as urinalysis, strep tests, urine pregnancy tests, and blood glucose tests are included in the monthly membership fee.

What if I need imaging tests?

Your provider will order necessary tests, which you can obtain at a nearby private and discounted imaging center, or at a hospital system of your choice. You can use your health insurance for radiology tests, labs, and specialty care.  If you do not have insurance or have a high deductible, we will recommend specific facilities that offer lower cash prices.

I'm a small business owner. Can Emerald DPC take care of my employees?

Yes! For a flat monthly fee per employee, you can provide unlimited primary care to your employees. Employers can also opt to offer services for employee family members, and share in the costs of labs and medications. It's a great option for employers that do not provide health insurance, utilize a self-funded plan, or those looking to offer an additional benefit to employees with a high deductible or catastrophic plan. Interested businesses should contact us directly at

Is Emerald Direct Primary care accepting new patients?

At this time, yes. But the practice will close once we reach a panel of 500 patients in order to provide excellent care to our existing patients, so space is limited.

Is Emerald Direct Primary Care a type of health insurance?

No. It is recommend that you have health insurance for emergencies, such as injuries from an accident, an emergency requiring surgery, or an unexpected illness like cancer. 

More questions?

Call us at 216-260-3550 or email


We promise you won't spend your day on hold waiting for an answer!

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