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About DPC

Direct Care Doctors Believe In...


Old-Fashioned Care

Remember when you had a doctor that really knew you, and you could always call with a problem? Being able to see and talk to your doctor should be a given. (Sadly, it's not anymore.)

Treating a Patient Like a Person, Not a Number

That means taking time to get to know you, and hearing your concerns, not rushing through a new patient every 10 minutes.

Direct Collaboration Between Doctors & Patients

Insurance works best when it's there for the big stuff - not micromanaging your primary care. Your doctor works for you, not your insurance company.

The Story Behind the Name

The network of Cleveland Metroparks known as the "Emerald Necklace" was the inspiration for the name of Emerald Direct Primary Care.


Not only does Dr. Moini love hiking and exploring the metroparks with her family, but she considers them a symbol of health and vitality surrounding the city of Cleveland. She hopes to bring both to the city she loves through Emerald Direct Primary Care. 

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The Emerald Necklace

The Emerald DPC Mission

Downtown Cleveland in cloudy day.i took

To give our patients the support, confidence, and tools needed to empower them to live healthy lives.

To use our knowledge and resources to contribute to improving the public health of our community.

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