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Welcome to Cleveland's First Direct Primary Care Practice.

What is Direct Primary Care?
It's simple.


It's Primary Care, the Way it Should Be.

The Emerald Direct Primary Care Experience


See YOUR doctor for every visit.​

Studies have shown seeing a doctor who knows you for all of your care leads to being on fewer medications, and prevents ER visits and hospitalizations.

Quality time with your doctor = quality care and health for you.


Hate waiting months for an appointment, only to wait hours in the waiting room? 

We do too. That's why you can call or email your provider directly, and see her in the office for a same day or next day visit.

Too sick to leave home? We make house calls.


All office visits and communication are included in the membership. (We hate co-pays and surprise bills too!)

Want to know how much your labs or medications will cost? We tell you at the time of the visit!

We work for our patients - not an insurance company or hospital. 

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What Our Patients Are Saying

"I grew up with a "family doctor" and wanted that experience again. I've found that at Emerald Direct and Dr. Moini."
- R., current patient

How Direct Care is Different

Direct Care


Traditional Care








Focus on health and prevention.

Personalized, close relationship between doctor and patient.

Communication is flexible - by phone, email, text, video visit, in-office, or home visit.

Transparent costs - all care and procedures included in monthly membership fee.

Small patient panel, usually 400-600 patients.

Adequate time with patients; visits are relaxed and duration is as long as needed to address any and all concerns. (Avg appt time: 30-60 minutes.)

Patient-focused. Focus is on keeping patients healthy rather than seeing large volume of patients for revenue.








Reactionary, addresses problems when they occur.

Fragmented care, patient often directed to urgent care or ER, or shuffled to another provider.

Barriers to communication outside of in-office visits.

Costs are confusing and hidden - between co-pays, extra charges, facility fees, bills for questionnaires, etc.

Larger patient panel, usually 2000-3000+ patients.

Visits are short and rushed, and limited number of problems can be addressed. (Avg appt time: 10-20 minutes.)

Production-focused. Doctors pressured to see high volume of patients to generate revenue.

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